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GLC Controls Inc. has traditionally serviced the Wood Product Industry of northern BC and Alberta, Canada. With expansion, however, the company has diversified its offerings, and now provides products and services across several key industries, in both Canada and the United States. Learn more about the key control systems products and services that GLC Controls Inc. provides the following industries:

Our solid growth, combined with our technical expertise and diversified experience, allows GLC Controls to provide top quality products and services to our customers. GLC Controls Inc. offers a full line of process automation and instrumentation solutions that are designed to meet the specific needs of each of these industries, everything from stand-alone processes that need basic, reliable functionality, to complex integrated solutions for critical or hazardous operations. Our goal is to help customers in all of these industries optimize their processes and ensure long-term reliable operation of new and existing equipment.

Oil & Gas Industry

The Oil & Gas industry is booming – and higher demand for related products means that companies in this industry must strive to maximize efficiencies in delivering their products. GLC Controls provides the essential control systems and related services that Oil & Gas companies need to ensure their processes are running at peak efficiency:

Control Systems for Oil & Gas

Programming for Oil & Gas

Other Products & Services

Compressor Control Systems

DCS Programming

Shutdown Checks

Pump Jack Controls

RTU Programming

Electrical Skids and Buildings

Gas Turbine Control

SCADAPack Programming

Remote Monitoring

VFD Packages

FactoryLink Programming


Get A Quote on any of the Oil & Gas control systems services and products listed above, or Contact Us today for more information.

Mining Industry

GLC Controls Inc. provides companies in the mining industry with the critical control systems they need to function safely and efficiently. Some of the control systems we offer include Tailing Pond Control Systems, Conveyor Controls, and Mineral Processing Controls.

For more information on these and other solutions, Contact Us today.

Wood Products Industry

As an industry leader in the forest products sector, GLC Controls Inc. combines the latest technology with innovative design to provide the ideal controls solutions for our customers. Everything from edger controls, to trimmer programming, to log bucking systems, GLC Controls will design, manufacture, or supply the critical controls solution needed for efficient wood processing. Some of the products and services that GLC Controls provides the Wood and Forest Products sector include:

Stacker Programming

Edger Controls

Lug Loader Programming

Planer Controls & Planer VFD Controls

Trimmer Programming

Sorter Controls

Bin Level Monitoring

Canter Controls & Canter VFD Systems

Log Bucking Systems

Fence Controls

Merchandizing Systems Controls

Planer VFD Controls

Cut Off Saw Systems Controls

Position Controls

GLC Controls Inc. also provides Wood Pellet Manufacturing systems, Pellet Manufacturing Control Systems, and Bio Fuel Manufacturing systems, as well as PIC2 Upgrades.

For more information on these and other Wood Products Industry control systems and solutions, Get A Quote or Contact Us today.

Pulp & Paper Industry

GLC Controls Inc. also strives to provide and develop the products and solutions that Pulp & Paper companies need to improve their processes and optimize efficiencies.

In line with this, GLC Controls provides Pulp & Paper companies with Boiler Control System Engineering and Recovery Boiler Controls, as well as Wood Room Controls and Tank Level Monitoring. We also provide Series 6 Conversions and Series 6 Upgrades, to address your specific PLC needs.

Contact Us today for more information on these and other control systems for Pulp & Paper companies.

Manufacturing Industry

The discrete and process manufacturing sectors demand specific control systems for their processes. Everything from Safety Control Systems, to Plant Automation, to Smart Motors, GLC Controls Inc. provides the specific control systems that organizations in the manufacturing field need to complete their work effectively and efficiently. Here are some of the other products that GLC Controls provides:

Pick and Place

Plant Automation Systems

Machine Tool Controls & Drives

ASI Bus Systems

Sensors & Sensor Integration

Spindle Drives

Safety Systems

Sensor Bus Networking

Micro Drives

Safety Control Systems

CNC Repair

Speed Reducers

Automatic Emergency Standby

Stainless Steel Servo

Reliance Legacy Drives

Smart Motors

Integrated Stepper Controls

Lifting Magnets


DC Brushless


GLC Controls also provides Risk Assessment services for manufacturing companies. Contact Us to find out more about these and other systems controls products and services, or Get A Quote today.

Material Handling Industry

GLC Controls Inc. has the right equipment for your material handling needs. Some of the products and services that we provide include:

Conveyor Controls

RFID Implementation

Baggage Handling Systems

Conveyor Sequencing

Routing Information

High Speed Sortation

Bulk Conveying and Processing


Material Handling Automation

Warehouse Control Systems



Get A Quote today for any of these Material Handling Automation products and services.

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