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Vacon variable speed AC drives – from 0.25 kW to 5 MW

Vacon offers a complete product portfolio from 0.25 kW to 5 MW. We offer robust AC drives solutions to all your needs.

Compact AC drives

Vacon’s compact drives are easy to use and offer basic features for general applications. These drives are designed for fast and easy commissioning. For OEM customers, they offer optimum standard configurations but also versatile tailorability for customer-specific needs.
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Vacon 10 Vacon X4
0.25 -2.2 kW 0.75 - 132 kW
  • The Vacon 10 is an extremely compact AC drive that offers ultimate flexibility in integrating customer requirements into the AC drive.
  • The Vacon 50X combines power and the best enclosure in the industry. The standard IP66 enclosure is perfect for extreme operating conditions where dirt and liquids can destroy an AC drive.

Multipurpose AC drives

Vacon's multipurpose drives are designed for continuous heavy use with more features and high flexibility. Designed to the highest standards with a full range of enclosures for all environments, they offer robust and reliable operation for years.
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Vacon NXS Vacon X5 Vacon NXS standalone
vacon NXL vacon NXL
0.75 - 200 kW 4 - 132 kW 200 - 560 kW
  • The Vacon NXS is a powerful AC drive for use in machines, buildings and all branches of industry.
  • The Vacon 500X offers the same high IP66 protection as the Vacon 50X but adds multiple interface options and other advanced functions for the more demanding applications.

Industrial AC drives

Vacon’s industrial drives have been designed to provide the best possible reliability and availability of a machine or a process under all circumstances for the entire lifetime of the system.
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Air-cooled Vacon NXP Liquid-cooled Vacon NXP Enclosed Vacon NXC
vacon NXL vacon NXL vacon NXL
0.75 - 3,250 kW 5.5 - 5,300 kW 110 - 3,250 kW
  • The air-cooled Vacon NXP is a state-of-art AC drive for use in various applications where robustness, dynamic performance, precision and power are required.
  • The liquid-cooled Vacon NXP is our most space-saving AC drive, well suited for locations where air-cooling would be difficult or expensive, or where the installation space is at a premium. Total space savings of up to 70% can be achieved.
  • The enclosed Vacon NXC drive is designed to meet the most demanding requirements on flexibility, robustness, compactness and service-friendliness.

Common DC bus components up to 5,300 kW

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Air-cooled Liquid-cooled
vacon NXL vacon NXL

The Vacon common DC bus product portfolio fulfills all solution demands with a flexible architecture, covering a selection of active front-ends, non-regenerative front-ends, fundamental front-ends, inverters and brake choppers.

Segment-specific AC drive

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Vacon 100 HVAC
vacon NXL
1.1-30 kW

The Vacon 100 HVAC is dedicated to heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and is specially suitable for pump, fan and compressor applications.

Vacon X series AC drives

The Vacon family of v

ariable speed AC drives was complemented by a new product line - Vacon X series - after Vacon acquired the AC drives business of US-based TB Wood’s in January 2008. First introduced by TB Wood’s in 2005, the products in the Vacon X series are sold under their original SE2, X4 and X5 names in North America.
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Vacon X series AC drive
  • Easiest to use
  • Most Versatile
  • Toughest Package, IP 66, NEMA 4X
NEMA 4X / IP 66
NEMA 12 / IP 55
at 125 - 200 HP

Single and three phase

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